The Sleeper and the Spindle

23301545Rating: 5 Stars
Published: (In the U.S.) September 2015; first appeared in Rag & Bones pub. 2013
Genre: YA // Fantasy // Fairy Tale Retelling
Favorite Quote:

“There are choices, she thought., when she had sat long enough.  There are always choices.

This is a gorgeous retelling of Sleeping Beauty & Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  It’s unexpected.  Beautiful. Empowering.  Adventurous. Pro-women.

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Fairest (The Lunar Chronicles #3.5)


Rating: 4 Stars
Published: January 2015
Genre: Ya // Fantasy // Sci-fi

Mirror, Mirror on the wall,
Who’s the Fairest one of all?
Before you get your hands on Winter, you need to read Fairest.  This is the untold story of Queen Levana. And you’re going to want to read it.

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Weetzie Bat


Rating: 3.5 Stars
Published: 1989
Genre: Young Adult
Favorite Quote: 

“How did you find me?” Duck asked as Dirk led him out of the Stud.
“I don’t know,” Dirk said. “But you are in my blood. I can’t help it. We can’t be anywhere except together.”
“I love you so much,” Duck said. “I’ve been so afraid. I’ve been to all the bars just watching and getting wasted. And I know people are dying everywhere. How can anyone love anyone?”

I’m not writing a description because it’s hard to say exactly what to put in a summary. Essentially, it’s a book about love, loss, and friendship with a hint of crazy, magic, and hippies all set in the sunny L.A.

This is my first foray into Francesca Lia Block (what a name! I love it).  This is also a tiny review for a little novel. It’s a fast read because it’s so short and the chapters are only a few pages long.

This is a very original novel. Not everyone is going to like it, I can tell you that. I enjoyed it because it was little glimpses into an ordinary and yet, extraordinary, life. The contradiction is easy to understand once you pick it up.  It’s very captivating and it makes you want to be free and live your life in the moment.  It’s relatable in its weirdness because at its core, it’s a slice of life that everyone can understand.

It’s just a happy and whimsical little book that you are free to like or dislike as you please.  I enjoyed it and will certainly read more by Francesca Lia Block.  I hope you do, too.

Fearless (Reckless #2)


Rating: 2.5 Stars
Published: November 2014
Genre: New Adult // Romance
Favorite Quote: 

“Time stopped.  Suddenly, I felt I could hear every noise in the room: the blades of the ceiling fan circling through the air.  The street vendors three stories below taking orders.  My own heart beating.”

Fearless by Priscilla West is about my favorite couple, Riley & Jax. They met when Riley became Jax’s tour accountant. Their chemistry was palpable and they couldn’t stay away.  Reckless was left on a cliffhanger.  Riley and Jax were in a dangerous situation attempting to get away.  This installment picks up right where it left off.

I liked that it gave more insight into the relationship between Riley and Jax.  It showed them as more human, complicated, and flawed. It was interesting but it wasn’t what I was expecting.

For those whose were wondering, this doesn’t actually become an official “romance” book until 89% through the novel. It’s more of a new adult romance novel akin to Beautiful Disaster.

When I pick up a book like this, I want it to be steamy. This was not.  If there’s another book in this series, I hope it’s far more exciting than this.

Beautiful Surrender (Surrender #3)

This week on NetGalley Friday, we have part two of the Forever series by Priscilla West. Thank you NetGalley and Priscilla West for providing me a copy in exchange for an honest review.


Rating: 3 Stars
Published: November 2013
Genre: Romance

In the continuation of Kristen & Vincent’s story, things begin to heat up (and not just in the bedroom).

I’m really glad Riley and Kristen got to have a heart-to-heart in this one.  It makes them seem more like real roommates than two people who share a living space. It’s also nice to get to know Riley as a secondary character (since she’s the lead in Reckless). It rounds her out as a person.

I liked the scene with Vincent and Kristen in his office where he tells her to wear his shoes. That was cute.

The whole crazy ex-boyfriend was a bit much and kinda felt like deja vu from another book I read (though, I can’t place it).

Over all, it’s an interesting series and fun to read.  I liked Reckless so much more but I did enjoy the characters of Vincent & Kristen, even if they were very reminiscent of Fifty Shades of Grey (without the red room of horror).  Don’t forget that these are short books and really should be read as one!

Secret Surrender (Surrender #2)

This week on NetGalley Friday, we have part two of the Forever series by Priscilla West. Thank you NetGalley and Priscilla West for providing me a copy in exchange for an honest review.



Rating: 3 Stars
Published: September 2013
Genre: Romance // New Adult

Things are heating up between Vincent & Kristen.

I enjoyed this one much better than the first.  The language was better and since it already set up the storyline, they got right into the action.

The private island bit reminded me of Twilight, though, so that was unsettling.

“hot seed” REALLY

“My hand flew to the base of my neck and my breath caught.  How could a cock be so savage-looking and beautiful at once?” IT CAN’T.  Dicks are gross. They are not attractive. Neither are vaginas. There’s a reason it’s called “bumping uglies”.  And yes, I know this is a romance novel, but honestly.  And yes, I know this is just my opinion and others will disagree with me.


Bridge of Snow (The Winner’s Trilogy #0.5)

I have begun writing tiny reviews for short stories. The reviews come with mini stars and contain much less words than normal reviews. I hope you enjoy my tiny reviews!

20345368Rating:  5 (mini) stars
Published: January 28th, 2014
Genre: Young Adult // Historical Fiction

“In those days, the gods walked among us. The goatherd knew her for what she was. How could he not? She was silver haired. Clear ice eyes. Faintly blue lips. The air around her seemed to chime. It was the god of snow.”

If you’re interested in reading The Winner’s Curse, I suggest you read this afterwards. It has a slight spoiler in terms of who one of the character’s really is.  It’s doesn’t entirely matter – but if you want to read without any thoughts clouding your experience, I wouldn’t recommend reading this first. If you don’t care, then it doesn’t matter.

The short story is mostly a folk tale told as a bedtime story to Arin. It’s about the gods, specifically about the god of snow and god of the moon. I’ve always loved folk tales and this had some brilliant imagery.

I adored this.  It brings insight into the character of Arin.  It was wonderful seeing a glimpse into his family life before the war.  This quick read will have you wanting more.

I really hope there are more short stories for this trilogy. They add so much more depth to the novels.

You can read Bridge of Snow, here.