Lumberjanes, Vol 3: A Terrible Plan


Rating: 5 Stars
Published: April 2016
Genre: Graphic Novel // Young Adult // Fantasy-Adventure
Favorite Quote: 

Things go bump in the night, it’s basically the best time to go bump if one had to choose a timeframe.

In this collected edition of Lumberjanes #9-12, things have calm down a little bit for the Lumberjanes.  It’s a free day which can only mean trouble for the campers.   Mal and Molly go on a picnic together but of course, nothing goes as planned, especially when they run into the Bear Woman!  Meanwhile, April, Ripley, and Jo are trying to get some of the more mundane badges.

Written by: Noelle Stevenson & Shannon Watters
Illustrated by: Carolyn Nowak (chapters 10-12)

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Lumberjanes, Vol 2: Friendship to the Max


Rating: 5 Stars
Published: October 2015
Genre: Graphic Novel // Fantasy-Adventure // Young Adult

In this collected edition of Lumberjanes #5-8, written by Noelle Stevenson & Grace Ellis
and illustrated by Brooke Allen, the Lumberjanes are up to their usual antics.  This time, Jen is there to witness what’s going on.

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23131088Rating: 5 Stars
Published: May 2015
Genre: Graphic Novel // Fantasy

Initial Thoughts

  • While I had heard about this when it first came out, I didn’t think I’d read it right away.  But after reading many awesome things about Nimona from Ashley’s blog, I finally broke down and bought myself this beauty.
  • I love graphic novels (though I don’t indulge myself in them as much as I should) so I was excited to dive into this one.


  • Nimona is quirky and lovable shapeshifter with a mysterious past.  Her type of humor isn’t for everyone, however.  She’s a little juvenile but in the best ways (I think, anyway).
  • The idea of heroes and villains are played with a bit and while Ballister Blackheart may be the resident evil-doer, there just may be more to him than meets the eye.  I love that.
  • Sir Ambrosius Goldenloin is an interesting character.  He’s conflicted.   He thinks what he’s doing is right but he also doesn’t want to hurt anyone.  He especially doesn’t want to hurt his nemesis, Blackheart.  


Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 8.47.06 PM

  • Not a whole lot was resolved with Nimona’s story arc but I’m okay with that because that hopefully means we’ll be getting more Nimona stories.
  • I wanted to know more about Blackheart & Goldenloin’s relationship growing up.  Just in general, more flashbacks please.  Or a prequel. Something. But I loved the epilogue.
  • I love the relationship that develops between Nimona and Blackheart.  I like them working together and caring about each other.  It’s sticky sweet.

End Thoughts

  • I couldn’t stop giggling.  I read through this in a few hours and enjoyed every minute of it.
  • I can’t wait to read more by Noelle Stevenson. Do you hear that? I want more Nimona!  Until then, Lumberjanes is next on my graphic novel list, which is ever growing.
  • If you’re not convinced you should read this, you can read the first three chapters here.  You’re welcome.

Have you read this vibrant gem of a book? Share your thoughts below.

Ms. Marvel, Vol.1: No Normal (Ms. Marvel (MARVEL NOW!) #1)


Rating: 5 Stars
Published: October 2014
Genre: Graphic Novel // Superheroes
Favorite Quote:

 “When we bury the things we don’t want to face, monsters grow.”


Ms. Marvel, aka Kamala Khan, is a 16 year old girl living in NJ who just wants to normal and not live in a strict Pakistani household. She wants to be pretty, and blonde and popular not smell like curry, have curfews, and not be allowed to go to parties. She gets a lot more than she bargained for when a strange mist rolls into town bringing along The avengers who transform her into what she wanted all along: to be powerful, blonde, and just like Captain Marvel. She’ll learn that being someone else doesn’t feel as right as being who she is.  Kamala embraces her identity and grows into her new identity, not as Captain Marvel but Ms. Marvel.

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