Top Ten Tuesday: Fall TV

The Broke and the Bookish host Top Ten Tuesday and this week is a Freebie based on TV shows.  Since Fall TV is my favorite time of year, I adore this topic!   Not only is the season changing but awesome new TV shows are starting to air and some of my favorites are back for another year.  It’s just so exciting!

Top Ten TV Shows I Can’t Wait to Watch This Fall:

Returning Favs

  1. Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) September 22 8pm
    I started watching this show last year and I am hopelessly in love with it.
  2. Jane the Virgin (CW) October 17th 9pm
    There’s just something about this show that I can’t help but adore.
  3. Supergirl (CW) October 10th 8pm
    !! !!

New shows

  1. Bull (CBS) September 20th 9pm
    Michael Weatherly & Christopher Jackson! It looks just like the kind of show I would love. Watch the trailer.
  2. Conviction (ABC) October 3rd 10pm
    Haley Atwell– super sad it’s not Agent Carter but it is at least Haley Atwell.  Damn.
  3. Frequency (CW) October 5th 9pm
    Looks like another addictive CW show to add to the collection. Seriously. 
  4. The Good Place (NBC) September 22 8:30pm
    Kristen Bell on primetime TV!! Yes please! Looks so hilarious, watch this.
  5. Notorious (ABC) September 22 9pm
    My girl, Piper Perabo! I’ve missed her.  The show looks intriguing.

Midseason Premieres 

  1. The 100 (CW)
    I am hopeless addicted to this show.
  2. iZombie (CW)
    I will always watch Rob Thomas shows and I adore all these characters.
  3. Scandal (ABC)
    God, this show.  Olivia Pope is one of the best flawed and fierce characters out there.
  4. Making History (FOX)
    This is a new show and it looks absolutely hilarious.  Seriously. Watch the trailer.

Fall TV never looked so good. What are you looking forward to this season? Do we have shows in common? Happy Tuesday! 


9 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Fall TV

  1. I wish I were better at keeping up with TV shows, but I’m that person that waits for them to hit netflix (or some other place I can get them) and then wastes a few days binging haha. The only show I actually keep up with is The Walking Dead 😛 Although, that one with Kristen Bell does look marvelous and super adorable!

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