May Subscription Box Review

A few months ago, I decided to stop wasting my month on beauty boxes (the products can be cute but some I just never used) and get a book subscription box.  My first one was Uppercase box and I fell in love.  Then I had to try others, because of course.  So this month, I received 3: Uppercase Box, Owlcrate, and The Best Damn Book Box.

Well, it’s June.  Well into June, now actually.  And I just received two of my May subscription boxes not too long ago, so I can finally finish this post!

First to arrive, as always, is Uppercase Box.

Classy and refined, this is my favorite box as a general rule because I’m always pleasantly surprised & happy with its content. This month’s book was Girl Against The Universe by Paula Stokes, which I can’t wait to pick up.  It contained Cervan’teas The Man of La Manchai tea by NovelTeas and a set of fandom postcards.


Owlcrate arrived a few days later.  And I was super shocked that I’m completely happy with this month’s book.  May’s theme was steampunk and it contained a retelling of Peter Pan called Everland by Wendy Spinale. There was some flash tats, a key necklace, a ring, and pin all in steampunk fashion.  Oh, can’t forget the nail art and Barrie print (that I can’t wait to find a frame so I can hang it up)!



The Best Damn Book Box, I subscribed to on a whim a while ago.  May’s box was Beauty and the Beast themed and I couldn’t help myself when I ordered it.  I mean, BEAUTY AND THE BEST, HELLO.

I hate to say it, but I was disappointed.  The box was A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas which was 1) a sequel to ACOTAR 2) a highly anticipated book that people would pre-order 3)and it came out May 3rd.  This  box arrived on June 8th.  In the defense of the box, they do state on their website that their boxes could contain second or third books in a series, which I did not realize when I ordered it– so my bad.

Some of the goodies included a cookie, a key necklace, a couple of prints, and a candle. The items were lovely.

June’s box is Game of Thrones themed and while I’m excited to see if my opinion of it changes but I’m thinking about not continuing unless the next box changes my mind.

Charm With Me Club came last and I couldn’t wait for it to arrive!

It’s a fangirl charm bracelet subscription box.  HOW COOL IS THAT? Since it was my first month with the club, I was able to choose a bracelet.  I picked the black wrap around bracelet. May’s box was Harry Potter themed and you could pick your House when you signed up. I chose Slytherin (it just beat out Gryffindor).  I think it’s a good reminder that Slytherin & Gryffindor are closely tied with one another but the sorting hat knows I’m a Gryffindor at heart.  Speaking of…

The second charm this month was The Sorting Hat.


If you’re considering joining, please consider using this link to do so.  June’s theme is The Hunger Games and it’s coming with 2 glass beads, too!

Now I’m just counting the days until June’s boxes arrive.  Can’t wait! Do you subscribe to any book boxes? If so, which one? 

Disclaimer: I have not been compensated in any way for this review and all the opinions are my own.



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