Rating: 3 Stars
Published: May 2016
Genre: Young Adult // Contemporary
Favorite Quote: 

“Sam, I can’t.”
“The t is silent.  Try it again.”
“What? I –”
“Say it.”
“I can–”
His finger shoot out and covers my lips before I can get the last letter out. “That’s what I thought.”

Aubree has never been far from home.  She likes where she lives and doesn’t feel the need to see the rest of the world.  Her sister, on the hand, has ambitions.  Elizabeth is spending the summer in Europe as a tour guide to six senior citizens as a favor to a Congressman she’ll be interning with in the Fall.  But when unforeseen circumstances keep Elizabeth at home, she convinces Aubree to take her place.  Aubree takes the plunge and travels to Amsterdam, having no confidence in her abilities to lead.  She’ll learn about herself and maybe even enjoy herself along the way.  

This is a really cute coming of age story. The writing wasn’t as polished as I generally gravitate towards. But I read the bulk of this when I was sick. I’m currently at home because I have no voice and my throat kills. When I picked up this book, I felt transported. I wasn’t sick at home, I was traveling through Europe on a bus with 6 senior citizens having the time of my life.

This would have been one of my favorites when I was in high school. I hold contemporaries up to a higher standard in YA than I do fantasy. I’m not sure why. This book was extremely enjoyable and fun. It’s mostly lighthearted.  It’s nice to read about Aubree finding herself. And her love interest? Oh so swoonworthy. If only Sam was my age…

Though, this would make a super adorable teen movie if done well.  I could picture everything perfectly and I enjoyed myself reading this.  The premise is interesting yet a bit unbelievable (which is totally fine).

Lizzie, pushing your comfort zone is what traveling is all about.

If you had no interest in seeing Vienna, Venice, Amsterdam, or Monaco, you’ll sure as hell want to now. These places have been on my wanderlust list for a long time and now I have even more desire to go.

This book is perfect for summer.  Nothing screams summer vacation like a trek around Europe with a dash of summer romance.

What kind of book do you like to read during summer? 


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