The Wrath & the Dawn: Short Stories #s 0.25, 0.5, and 1.5

I decided to review all the short stories in The Wrath & The Dawn world by Renee Ahdieh together because they’re so short, I don’t have too much to say about them.  But they’re all worth the read.  I really hope she writes more in this world because I could really get into an entire book of short stories.

The Moth & the Flame (#0.25): 4 Stars

Jalal al-Khoury, the Captain of the Guard, has met his match.  Despina works hard trying to be more than just a handmaiden and  never gave Jalal a second glance… until she realized there might be more to him than meets the eye.  It’s a battle of wits and of the heart. 

Gimme more Despina & Jalal.  Now, please.  Gimme.
I fell in love with them.  This one is my favorite because these are too characters you don’t get to see too much of.  And it’s super important to read it before you read The Rose & The Dagger.

The Crown & the Arrow (#0.5): 4 Stars

The moment Shazi walked in the room, Khalid knew she was different.  He could see it in her eyes.  There was hatred.  Khalid didn’t know how many more deaths he could take.  Shazi marked his 72nd bride but why wasn’t she afraid? 

This was way too short. It did remind me how much I forgot from the first book.  I loved this little look into what Khalid thought as his bride was brought before him.

The Mirror & the Maze(#1.5): 4 Stars

Khalid is rushing back to help the city of Rey as it’s burning but that’s the only thing he’s running towards. Little does he know, what he’s racing back to is gone… 

I loved reading Khalid’s reaction to what he finds when he comes home. It’s the perfect prelude to reading The Rose & the Dagger.


I highly recommend these little glimpses into different characters in The Wrath & the Dawn universe.  I have to say, the only reason I didn’t give them all 5 stars was because they were too short! I wanted so much more!


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