Hamilton: The Revolution


Rating: 5 Stars
Published: April 2016
Genre: Non-fiction // Pop Culture

You wanted a revelation, you got one.  Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of the non-stop musical phenomenon, along with Jeremy McCarter give insight into the creation of the hip-hop musical sensation that everyone is talking about.  Don’t throw away your shot to get your hands on this book.  

THIS BOOK. UGH. THIS IS EVERYTHING.  I dragged out reading this book because I didn’t want it to be over! I loved reading every little tidbit about the creation of the show.  It’s incredible and mind-blogging how much effort, time, and work went into it all.  I want to live inside Lin’s brain because I love the way it works.

I love the way it’s organized. You follow the show song by song and learn how each bit came to be. I absolutely adore Lin’s comments on the songs. It makes me appreciate it all the more.

Musicals are passion projects but I have never seen so many people so passionate about Alexander Hamilton.  I mean, ALEXANDER HAMILTON.  The only thing I remembered about him from high school history classes was that he had something to do with finances and he wrote a good amount of The Federalist Papers.

I wish this musical existed when I was taking APUSH because then maybe I would have done better than a 2 on the AP Exam. History is hard.  Hamilton is so catchy and I could probably tell you 20 facts about Hamilton/the other founding fathers in 30 seconds or less.

Hamilton’s story is a fundamental truth that we all still experience 300 years later. If it wasn’t for the founding fathers, this world wouldn’t be the same. And it feels so awesome to be connected to these historical figures in a totally modern & impacting way.

I wish all musicals had books about the writing process with this much detail. The pictures were brilliant and coupled with listening to the music while reading, it was ALMOST like being there. And by that I mean, not at all.  But a girl can dream

Funny story– I was reading the book and all of a sudden I had this feeling I had already read this tidbit.  Turns out, I had! I have a repeated couple of pages and I’m missing a few pages as well! I’m really bummed I can’t finish the chapter I was reading but it’s kinda cool that my book is abnormality! Oh, book binding problems…

But seriously, if you’re #Hamiltrash, you need this #Hamiltome.
Follow Lin-Manuel Miranda on Twitter. And follow Hamilton the Musical.
Watch the Ham 4 Ham videos on Youtube.
Listen to the full ablum on Spotify.

Recommended to: Hamilton fans, musical theatre fans, hip hop fans, history fans, ceiling fans…

If you’re not a Hamilton fan, you’re Burr to me.  Join the revolution!

Follow me on Twitter if you want to hear about how much I’m freaking out that I’m seeing Hamilton TONIGHT.  That’s right, I’ll be in the greatest city in the world for the weekend and I cannot be more thrilled.


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