A Gathering of Shadows (A Gathering of Shadows #2)

A Gathering of Shadows Final

Rating: 5 Stars
Genre:  Adult// Fantasy
Published: February 2016
Favorite Quote: 

Everyone thinks I have a death wish, you know? But I don’t want to die – dying is easy. No, I want to live, but getting close to death is the only way to feel alive. And once you do, it makes you realize that everything you were actually doing before wasn’t actually living. It was just making do. Call me crazy, but I think we do the best living when the stakes are high.

Lila Bard has been working on a ship putting the skills she learned growing up in Grey London to good use.  In exchange for friendship, the Captain of the Night Spire, X, teaches Lila magic.  Lila’s magic grows stronger and soon she’s back in Red London planning something dangerous and reckless.  Meanwhile, Kell and Rhy are both dealing with the aftermath of Kell’s decision to bind his life with Rhy’s.  

I pre-ordered this and I was so excited to get it in the mail, though it took almost a week after it was published– by that time I was the middle in another book. Then I went on vacation and didn’t have room to pack it! It was heartbreaking because I was already 100 pages in.

When I got home, jet-lagged and exhausted (with work the next day) I picked it up where I left off.  This book became a problem for me during the week because I kept reading it instead of sleeping (and boy was I exhausted all week).

V.E. Schwab is entirely too compelling a writer. Her words flow so perfectly and evict beautiful imagery.  Her books are a breath of fresh air.  It’s such a difference reading an okay book and reading an incredibly talented writer.  I only hope that one day I can cultivate my writing to have that same feeling to readers.  Her writing is truly an inspiration.  Every sentence is a joy to read. Am I gushing? I’m gushing. But I don’t care.

Lila Bard is truly one of my favorite characters now.  I can’t get over her.  She’s flawed, she’s fierce, and she’s still relatable. At the beginning, when Lila is essentially a pirate learning magic… I can’t handle it.  It’s too great.

Because it wasn’t enough to be happy, not for Lila.  She wanted more.  Wanted an adventure.

Alucard Emery is a brilliant addition to the story.  WHERE HAS HE BEEN ALL THIS TIME?

“You’re a wretched teacher.”
“I warned you.  If you’re not up to it–”
“Shut up.  I’m concentrating.”
“You can’t glare magic into happening.”

Kell is being stubborn but I love that Rhy was looking out for him and let him participate in the tournament even though it hurt him. MY HEART.

“No.” Rhy lunged at him, forcing his hand closed and dousing the light. “We are sneaking.  Sneaking is meant to be done in the dark.”

The King is driving me CRAZY. But hey, there has to be some crazy in there.

And then there’s this whole plot line… (SPOILER– highlight to view) Holland isn’t dead and he’s King of White London and SAY WHAT.  CRAZY SAUCE. Speaking of Holland, his minion is creepy and super annoying.  I know there has to be conflict but that whole storyline with the dark magic, etc, just bothered me.  I liked reading about the tournament so much better.  And about Lila slowly giving in to magic. That’s interesting conflict to me.

This review took me an absurd time to write and I’m not even saying anything that spectacular.  I think sometimes when I’m trying to review a book I really like I have no idea what to say about it.  So basically, I just really love this book and thought it was amazing and I can’t say anymore good things about it.  A Conjuring of Light is the next book coming out in 2017.  Can’t wait!

How much do you love this book? If you haven’t picked up this series, why haven’t you?!


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