Iron to Iron (Wolf by Wolf #1.5)


Rating: 4 Stars
Published: March 2016
Genre: Young Adult // Sci-fi // Historical Fiction

Luka Lowe is determined to win this year’s Axis Tour and become the first person to win the Double Cross  It’s 1955, and it’s his third year competing in the Axis Tour.  But Luka meets Adele Wolf who’s posing as her brother Felix to compete.  Soon, an alliance is made but it becomes more than that.  In Wolf by Wolf, Yael is forced to compete as Adele Wolf without knowing the whole story of Luka and Adele.  If you loved Wolf by Wolf, you’ll love this short story that tells the tale of Adele’s first Axis Tour from Luka’s perspective.

(Potential spoilers ahead for Wolf by Wolf)

I love that this story gives Luka & Adele’s backstory.  I wanted to know all of this so bad when reading Wolf by Wolf and I’m so happy it’s a short story!  I couldn’t believe how fast I read this, I WANT MORE. RIGHT NOW. THANX.

Luka is such an interesting character and it was cool to read about his background and how he interacted with Adele. It actually surprises me that Luka couldn’t tell the difference between Adele and Yael acting as Adele.  I really ended up feeling bad for Luka and I can’t sympathize with Adele, at least not yet.

Short stories that are part of a larger series are meant to showcase parts of the story that we don’t know.  Not only does this focus on Luka but it tells what happened in Adele’s first race.  This short story fulfills nearly everything I was hoping it would. Now I just want to know what was going through Adele’s head when she sabotaged Luka!

Adele is the most intriguing character because we never actually interact with her (at least not much).  Even though she’s present in this story, we still don’t know what she’s thinking.  We only know what she told Luka, and if that’s true or not we don’t know.

There’s still so much I want to know about these characters.  I want a million more stories about them because it’s all so interesting and fun!

I cannot wait for Blood for Blood.  Is it November yet? Have you read Wolf by Wolf or anything else by Ryan Graudin? 



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