Remembrance (The Mediator #7)

17302879Rating: 4 Stars
Published: February 2016
Genre: Adult // Paranormal
Favorite Quote:

Even complete monsters can have one or two likable characteristics. Hitler liked dogs, for instance.

 Dr. Jesse de Silva is completing his residency in a nearby hospital and he plans on marrying Suze Simon as soon as he can support her.  When an old boyfriend threatens the very existence of the love of Suze Simon’s life, she knows its amount time to take matters into her own hands.  Things get complicated when she comes across a 10 year old murder because of a ghost that’s attached herself to a child at the Mission Academy. Will Suze be able to save her engagement while doing some serious mediating?

Suze and Jesse are back!

Jesse will steal your heart once again and you’ll forget all about your previous book boyfriends once you start reading about him.

I read the first two chapters and COULD NOT GET ENOUGH. It was then torture to wait a month before I could have the entire book in my hands.

There’s just something about Meg Cabot’s writing that makes me all giddy.   Her characters are so tangible and real despite their fantastical circumstances.

I thought the plot was a little ridiculous. It was extremely enjoyable and fun but I find that I couldn’t get lost in the story because of the plot.

Real talk, though, as excited as I was by this story, I found myself a little let down.  I was looking forward to it for almost a year and it didn’t hold up.  I was thrilled with The Royal Wedding and think it’s a better trip down memory/nostalgia lane.

So, I’m a bit conflicted.  There were moments that I absolutely adored this book and then there were moments where I was wondering, this is it? This is what I’ve been waiting for?

Have you read Remembrance?

What did you think about Meg Cabot’s return to Suze & Jesse?


2 thoughts on “Remembrance (The Mediator #7)

  1. I literally just started this book today! Ugh, I’m so excited to return to their world and see some Jesse & Suze. Meg Cabot’s writing in these books is just so addictive!

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