Top Ten Tuesday: New Year’s Resolutions

Thank you, The Broke and the Bookish, for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday theme of Resolutions for 2016. Along with most people, I don’t stick with my resolutions.  This year, however, I’m going to actively try to be different.  I want to achieve my goals.  I know most people balk at the whole “new year, new me” mentality but I don’t really think this is what this is.  I’m merely starting new habits.   There’s something manageable about agreeing to start new habits in the new year.  I’ve heard if you don’t start a habit within the first 10 days of January, you won’t stick to your resolution.  Lucky for me, I’ve started most of these already.

  1. Get organized (in my life, in my writing, in my living space- just all around would be great)
  2. Try to write around 800 words a day.  If not that much, then at least SOMETHING along the 300 mark.
  3. Be more creative with my reviews/posts.
  4. Read more graphic novels.
  5. Post twice a week on my blog instagram.
  6. Post more movie reviews for Cinema Saturday.
  7. Read at least 90 books (if not more).
  8. Get in shape.  It’s time to finally stick to my goal of losing weigh & eating healthier
  9. Skype more with my friends. It’s a terrible tragedy that they’re all long distance.
  10. Comment & read more blogs.  Some days I barely have time to write my own post let alone read anyone and that makes me sad because you all have such AWESOME blogs!

What are you goals for 2016? Do we share any? Good luck to you on yours! I hope you all accomplished everything you hope to this year!


11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: New Year’s Resolutions

  1. I’m going to try to post more on my blog Instagram as well – there are so many gorgeous Bookstagram profiles and it seems like a fun community! And I definitely share your goal of reading and commenting more on other blogs.
    My TTT

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    1. SO DIFFICULT. Especially when different time zones are involved. My BFF lives in AZ and I’m on the East Coast and just the 2-3 time difference makes everything SO ROUGH. It’s hard having a life and not being in college where you have surrounding you!


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