12 Days of Christmas Blogging: Day 2

Christmas tree, oh Christmas treeeeeeeee. How lovely are your brancccheeesss.

I’m going to start with a confession.  I am a Christmas tree killer.  It’s true.  Growing up, I was tasked with the daily chore of watering the Christmas tree after school.  For a few days I would dutifully do my job and crawl under the tree garnering the wrath of pine needles and sap to water the tree.  Then one day, I would forget.  It usually started out harmlessly enough. I’d be able to water it early the next morning.  But then, it started not taking the water, as trees are wont to do when you don’t water them for a few days.  And that’s when it starts to die.  It would start shedding. I would have to swept up more and more pine needles each day.  In my defense, I would never consciously mean to kill the tree.  It just sort of happened.

Then one year, my mom was sick of me killing the Christmas tree & the constant clean up then she decided it was time for a fake tree.  A fake tree with built-in twinkling lights.  Now that’s my kind of tree.  No mess. Easy clean up.  That could be taken out of context but I’m just going to go with it.

I LOVE decorating my Christmas tree.  My mom puts the ribbon & beads on.  I put the pine cones on.  Then when the base of the tree is all done, it’s time for my favorite part.  The ornaments. I always love looking through our collection of ornaments to decide which get the coveted spot on the tree this year.  Shifting through memories, old, new, and sometimes sad.  It’s emotional but worth it.

I remember when I was little, my mom would create these really gorgeous elaborate trees, generally with crystal on them.  She would put my ornaments on the back facing the wall. It sounds super sad but it ended up okay because one year I got an entire tree of my own to decorate. In the basement.  But to be fair, our basement is finished and at the time, it was clean and we occasionally hung out there.  This sounds terrible. But really, it was okay.  Now that I’m older (and wiser) I can appreciate the gorgeous trees of Christmases past.  For my revenge, I’m now allowed to put up my Starbucks & Disney ornaments on the tree for all to see.  And I think that’s pretty perfect.

We have a varied collection of ornaments because I’ve slowly buying some from my travels when I was in college.  My own tree is going to look very bizarre someday and I’m totally okay with that. Until then, I decorate the tree here and wait for people to judge about how many Disney ornaments are there.

Here are my favorites:

photo 4This is a traditional Lithuanian straw ornament.  I’m not sure where this particular one came from but I know it’s one my grandmother had on her little tree.

This mushroom was bought in Epcot in the Germphoto 2(1)any pavilion.  Isn’t it adorable? Lithuanians use mushrooms in a lot of folk art & food, too.

photo 1(1)

photo 2photo 3(1)photo 1

The bagpipes are from Scotland and the fleur de lis is from Notre Dame in Paris.  photo 3

This Starbucks mermaid is my newest acquisition.  I kinda love it. It has much more character than the others I have.

What are you favorite ornaments? Do you have a real or fake tree? Are you a tree killer, too? Should we start a support group?


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