Cinema Saturday: Cinderella


Based on: Charles Perrault’s Cinderella, or The Little Glass Slipper
Released (in theatres): March 13th 2015
(on DVD): October 2015
Directed by: Kenneth Branagh
Screenplay written by: Chris Weitz
Starring: Lily James, Richard Madden, Cate Blanchett, and Helena Bonham Carter

Film Trailer

Have courage and be kind.

Where there is kindness, there is goodness.  When there is goodness, there is magic.

What I loved

  • Patrick Doyle has a brilliantly composed score, very classic and magical. Also, take it from experience that when you walk away, you’ll be humming “Lavender’s Blue,” the old folk song.
  • It has these witty moments, like with the artist painting a portrait of the prince, that catch you off guard.
  • The transformation scene is something truly magical.  cinderella-dress-1425409064-1442354862
  • The acting was delightful, the costuming was phenomenal, and the set design was perfect.


  • It was delightful to see Cinderella’s mother as a legitimate character that we could get to know.
  • Helena Bonham Carter’s version of the Fairy Godmother was something to behold.   She provided comic relief and a new twist on a very classic scene.  Plus, her dress changed colors whenever she did magic. Can you say extraordinary?
  • The Prince, Kit, became more than just charming.  He became a character to fall in love with.
  • I loved the mix of elements from a couple different Cinderella tales.  I liked that we could see the iconic moments from the Disney animated film come to life and as well certain elements reminiscent of Ever After, in particular.

Lily James is Cinderella and Helena Bonham Carter is the Fairy Godmother in Disney's live-action CINDERELLA, directed by Kenneth Branagh.

Ehh Moments

  • There were none.  It was more than I could have hoped for.  The magic was palpable.

Would I Recommend?
Oh for sure.  I had previously stated I would buy this as soon as it was out and I did during Black Friday when I could get a good deal on the Blu Ray.  It’s now my second favorite version of Cinderella, the first being a tie of Roger & Hammerstein’s with Brandy and Ever After. The cinematography is brilliant and beautiful.  It’s an enjoyable rendition with a few surprises that make it seem like you’re watching it for the first time.  The entire film was a delight and I couldn’t stop smiling.  This will be a movie that I know I’ll watch over and over (especially when I’m feeling sad).


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Tell me if you’ve seen this beautiful version.  Did you love it like I did? Or do you prefer the older versions more? 


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