Ice Like Fire (Snow Like Ashes #2)

17404295Rating: 3 Stars
Published: October 2015
Genre: YA // Fantasy
Favorite Quote: 

The most powerful magic of all is choice.

This book picks up 3 months after the rise of the Winterians.  They’ve been slowly rebuilding their kingdom but since they’re at the mercy of & indebted to Cordell, things aren’t always easy.  King Noam is finally putting his foot down and demanding repayment of their debts.  Instead of something monetary, he wants Winterians to dig into the mountains and find the source of the magic.  Theron believes magic belongs to the people and is trying to get Meira to see things his way.   Meanwhile, Meira is struggling with learning to control her own magic and doing what is best for her people. Can she restore Winter? 

I thought the cover on the first book was pretty.  Then I saw this one.  It’s so gorgeous, I can’t.  I needed to read this book ASAP after I finished the first book.  And I can’t believe how disappointed I am.

Most of the chapters are from Meira’s point of view.  But occasionally there would be a Mather chapter.  I hated the Mather chapters.  It was so jarring to go from first person present with the Meira chapters to third person past with the Mather chapters.  Once you got used to a style, it changed. I don’t think it worked.  It took me a long time to care about Mather’s story line.

This book introduced new characters from the different kingdoms and I think that was interesting to read about.  However, the different kingdoms were really just composed of cliches and superficial characteristics.  I wish there was more depth to their uniqueness.  It could have been something immersive and fascinating to read about, instead it really just skimmed the surface.

I couldn’t bring myself to care about Theron OR Mather.  The love triangle is just silly.  Honestly, I want Meira to be by herself.  I love her friendship with Ceridwen and I think that should be explored me.  She needs more female friends in her life that make her strong.  Nessa was that in the first book but it took a while for Meira to trust Nessa with all the secrets she’s be keeping from everyone.  Meira thought she could do it all by herself and she can’t.  She needs people around her to support her and to help shoulder her burden.

“Isn’t this a little… morbid?”
“Morbid?” I mange half a smile. “Or cathartic?”
“Most cathartic things are morbid,” he amends. “Healing through melancholy.”
I roll my eyes. “Leave it to you to find something poetic about slicing off the heads of snowmen.”

This book unfortunately suffers from the sophomore slump.  There were some good moments, though.  I really loved Meira’s friendship with Ceridwen. I liked that she learned how to trust those around her.  I liked the concept of the Order of the Lustrate and magic.  I don’t know how I feel about Angra being a villain.  Noam doesn’t seem too terrifying in this book, either.

To be honest, I put down this book with 45 pages left and I didn’t pick it back up for a month.  Once I finally started reading it again, I flew right to the end.  I think the ending was the best part of the whole book.  I’m looking forward to the next book but I don’t know if I’ll pick it up right away.

Have you read Ice Like Fire? What were your thoughts?



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