Firewalker (The Worldwalker Trilogy #2)

22469323Rating: 4 Stars
Published: September 2015
Genre: YA // Fantasy // Paranormal // Sci-fi
Favorite Quote:

Love is willing to become the villain so that the one you love can stay a hero.

After world jumping with Rowan back to Lily’s own world, they found out a lot has changed in the 3 months Lily has been.  Specially, the FBI think Lily was kidnapped, or worse, killed by her father, James, or Tristan. Lily must go back to living a normal life to get the FBI off her back but when Carrick shows up in her world, that’s not an option anymore.  Harnessing the power of her friends, and potential mechanics,  she makes the decision to travel back to Rowan’s world and fight Lillian.

This cover! Oh my god, it’s beautiful.  Though, I have to say, I’m really salty that they changed the paperback version of Trial by Fire to match this one.  That’s just not fair.  The hardcover editions should match, too!

Honestly, I liked this book.  For some reason, I think I actually liked it more than Trial by Fire.  However, I have to say, nothing really happened.  The characters didn’t get that far until the last 80 pages.

(Spoilers) So, just a small break down of what happens for the majority of the book, which is a whole lot of not much.

  • Lily recovers from burning on the pyre.
  • She continues recovering.
  • She complains about going to back to school.
  • Lily created a new coven made up of her Tristan, Breakfast, and Una.
  • They train on the beach.
  • Carrick killed Scot, the other potential mechanic and guy who drugged her drink at that party.
  • They decided to world jump because the FBI would never get off their backs after Scot turned up dead. Then they began training with Rowan.
  • Lily and Lillian share mindspeak, unbeknownst to Rowan, and Lillian tries to show Lily how she became who she is today.
  • They try to find Rowan’s tribe.  All while Lily thinks something more’s going on with the Woven and Carrick is still hunting them.

That’s basically the first 260 pages of the book. TWO HUNDRED SIXTY PAGES of something that probably could have been covered in 100.  Now, I wouldn’t be that annoyed if this book was more than 330 pages long. But it’s not.  All the excitement & emotional turmoil really only occurs within those last 80 pages. And by emotional turmoil, I mean, be prepared people.

As for the characters, I really liked the edition of Una and Breakfast.  They are great characters and it’s nice that Lily has her own friends to be in her coven.  I don’t understand how Lily so easily forgave her Tristan.  Yes, she’s with Rowan now but Tristan betrayed her and broke her heart.  That’s something that I would at least have to think about before jumping back to the same camaraderie. Speaking of Rowan, I think that he overreacted when Lily spoke out against Alaric,  but I have theories about that, too.  Also, it kinda bothers me when Lily and Lillian mindspeak.  I can’t put my finger on why, but it almost feels disingenuous.  But over all, I do have to say that I love the characters.  I love Lily & Rowan together.  Una & Breakfast are great, as I said before.  I didn’t care about Caleb & Rowan’s Tristan all that much in this book mostly because they weren’t entirely present.

I do have one HUGE problem with this book.  Angelini compares touching someone’s willstone without their permission / taking it away and handling it forcefully as rape. No. Rape is rape is rape.  Touching someone’s “little heart” is not rape. Sorry.  That took it too far in my opinion.  I get that it’s trying to show the severity of it.  But no. Do it some other way.

I am FURIOUS at this book.  I didn’t mind the cliffhanger in Trial by Fire.  That was mostly to be expected.  BUT THIS.  To say I’m not okay would be an understatement. How RUDE. Anyway, is it September 2016 yet?

Have you read the first two books in this trilogy? Are you excited as I am for the conclusion in 2016?  Do you love reading about Salem in the Fall as much as I do?


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