Snow Like Ashes (Snow Like Ashes #1)


Rating: 4 Stars
Published: October 2014
Genre: YA // Fantasy
Favorite Quote:

“Don’t let fear take hold of you- fear is a seed that, once planted, never stops growing.”

Meira is a refugee turned soldier for Winter, one of the eight kingdoms in Primori.  Winter fell when its Queen Hannah was killed and her connection to her magic, broken into two pieces.  Twenty four refugees escaped and have been planning to fight Spring and its King ever since. But 16 years have taken a toll, and their company is down to eight.  Just when they’re starting to have good luck, they’re forced to take refuge with a Rhythm Kingdom, Cordell. But they only have one half of the pendant that contains their magic.  The Kingdom of Spring has the other half and it’s about time they got it back.

I read this book in a day.  I didn’t mean to but it just happened.  I got it during the summer as an ebook- it was an Amazon Daily Deal.  I love when books I want to read but are unsure of end up there.  It makes reading it a much easier decision.  (Though of course, now I’m totally wishing I had it in hardcover.)

Mather is the future King of Winter and William (Sir) has always told him and Meira that they could never end up together.  Meira never gets to go on missions, she’s told she’s too inexperienced.  It doesn’t let it stop her. Meira is strong and a fighter, even though she isn’t the best.  She just wants to help Winter.  It’s a fun fantasy book.  There’s interesting things happening with magic.  And I love that Meira wants to be a fighter.  I like how she struggled with how she wanted to serve her kingdom because she feels no connection to a country she’s never seen.

I love the relationship between Meira and Theron.  They’re adorable together.  They’re witty and they really get each other.  I think they’re the perfect match. Mather makes a really good best friend for her.  I think they need each other since they were the only refugees of the same age that were able to escape Winter.  But I don’t think it’s in a romantic way. They have history and I think they’ll be in each other’s lives.  Just not in the way that Mather thinks he wants.

Yes, there’s a love triangle.  No, I don’t hate it.  I think it worked because it’s not like Meira just met both of these boys. The first one, Mather, she’s always had a thing for.  But it’s something that she needs to grow out of because he’s her King.  The other, Prince Theron, well.  She’s learning about herself and about how much she wants to sacrifice for her kingdom.  She learns that he’s kind of in the same boat as she is and they connect.  Theron is her growing up and away from Mather. It’s her accepting her destiny.  So, I don’t really see it as a triangle.  Especially since Mather has never really been around any other women her age for his whole life.  Just like Meira has learned to grow out of her feelings for Mather, since he was the only one around, Mather has to do the same eventually.  I’m hoping in the second book there’s no pining.  Pining would be bad.

There are some very witty one liners in the book.  They were fun to read because it broke apart some of the text.

Skirts were probably invented as a device to keep women from running away.”

I like the world building. It’s unique. Despite its slightly annoying idea.  I don’t know what really bugged me about it.  But it just seemed silly to me. Once I got past the annoying Winterians thing, I liked it.  I liked how each Kingdom had its own traits, culture, and even swears depending on its season.  Sweet snow, golden leaves.  I like the magic aspect, that it was lost to the people.  All magic is tied to objects that each reigning monarch passes down to their heir.  It’s an interesting concept that I’m excited to seeing how it plays out.

I guessed the twist very early on in the book. Verrrrrrry early on.  I almost wanted there not to be a big reveal because it would feel like a let down.  I kind of liked knowing something that Meira and the other characters didn’t know, or at least didn’t let on.  It was nice to see how everything came together that way.  However, I enjoyed the reactions when people finally understood.  It was satisfying.

Ice Like Fire comes out on October 13, 2015 (less than a month, thank the gods).  This Autumn is certainly full of new awesome releases, isn’t it? Have you read this book? Are you waiting to buy the second book as soon as it comes out like I am?



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