Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass #3)


Rating: 4 Stars
Published: September 2014
Genre: YA/Fantasy
Favorite Quote:

“See what you want, Aelin, and seize it. Don’t ask for it; don’t wish for it. Take it.”

Celaena has left Adarlan and still mourning the death of her friend. She’s conflicted, trying to decide to do what Adarlan’s Assassin is told to do and what she thinks is right.   Chaol is harboring the secret of what Celaena told him before she got on the boat.  He must protect her but will protecting the ones he loves mean that he’s turning his back on Adarlan?  Dorian is picking up the pieces and learning how to deal with his magic and reconcile his gifts with the ideology of his father.  When Celaena meets Rowan, she gets more than she bargained for and a chance to fulfill her destiny.

I would just like to warn all you people that if you haven’t read this book yet, you may not want to read my review. There are spoilers sprinkled throughout.

It’s Tuesday, September 1st.  Otherwise known as the day Queen of Shadows is released.  I am eagerly awaiting the mail since I preordered the book from Amazon.  Instead of driving myself crazy stalking the mailman, I decided to write my review of Heir of Fire since I realized I never did!

This book was hard to rate. I’m not as crazed about this book as I was the other two but it was still incredibly enjoyable.  The more I think about it, the more I do like it but there are some things that need to be discussed.

While I loved reading about Celaena & everyone, it was just different from the first two.  The world was expanded.  There were more characters.  It was just more.  I loved seeing Celaena grow. I loved her & Rowan. But I found myself not caring about the other characters. There didn’t need to be AS MUCH Aedion, Chaol, & Dorian.  Or at least, the same amount but with more interesting plot lines. And I know that’s probably a controversial opinion but I’m just really looking forward to seeing most of the characters in the same place again. The expanded world was fascinating. You really get to see the reach that Adarlan has on the rest of the area.  I liked learning a bit more about that world.

I loved the transition of Celaena to Aelin but it meant less assassin story line and more training. I feel like all she does is train. She’s kickass and needed this development but I don’t think it needed to go on that long. As I said before, I loved reading about her & Rowan but I would have liked a little more about their relationship or more about the Demi-fae as well. I loved the relationship between Celaena and Rowan. The sass is something I will sorely miss if it ever disappears.

Chaol and Dorian both grew in this book, too.  Dorian especially.  He’s learning how to cope with his magic and the horror of what he’s learned about his dad and the world they live in.  It’s interesting to see how he deals with it all. You really end up rooting for him.   As for Chaol, he’s struggling, too.  He has a duty to his kingdom but he realizes that its corrupt.  What’s the Captain of the Guard to do when faced with such a problem? Do you protect the people you love and care for or do you protect your kingdom?

Aedion is an interesting character but I miss Nehemia.  The rebellion is growing and I’m not so sure what I think about it.  It’s clearly needed but something to me just felt off.  The king is getting ridiculous and I hate him in the best way.

This book was very much a transitional novel.  It was setting a lot of things up for the next one. It’s understandable and happens.  I’m fine with it but that made me like it a little less. And that’s not its fault.  It was still a fantastic addition.  But everyone has a least favorite book in a series. I personally hated The Goblet of Fire for a really long time before I began to appreciate it.

I didn’t really care about the witches until the middle/end when the storyline really grew on me. I think part of the problem was that I felt like they all came out of nowhere.  I know they were in one part of the story before but I didn’t realize they would become a bigger part of the story.  I really did start to like them.  They’re fierce and I enjoyed the addition about more badass female characters.

The ending made me want to scream & I cannot wait to start reading Queen of Shadows when it arrives. Overall, I just didn’t like this book as much as I loved the first two.  I know I’m in the minority here. And I’m really hoping it’s just a little slump and will pick back up again.   This series is still one of my favorites. I think it had some wonderful story lines but I wasn’t as obsessed & excited like I was for the others.  Sometimes that happens, and it’s okay.


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