Time Between Us


Rating: 4 Stars
Published: October 2012
Genre: YA // Sci-fi (Time Travel)
Favorite Quote: 

“I, for one, am ready for a lot more adventure and a lot less nothing.”

Bennett was never supposed to be in Evanston, IL in 1995.  He was never supposed to fall in love with Anna.  But sometimes, things happen out of our control.  Bennett always tries to be in control, if he’s not, something unexpected can happen.  This is especially true because Bennett can travel through time.  He lives, normally, in 2012 but when something happens that brings him back to 1995, he meets the one person that will make him not want leave.  Anna’s always wanted to travel the world but she’s never be outside of her tri-state area.  Meeting Bennett is an adventure and broadens her horizons.  But can Anna handle Bennett’s secret?

One of my favorite books is The Time-Traveler’s Wife. I’ve always wanted to read more books like it and I finally got my wish.  What’s funny, is that I found a perfect copy of this novel at my favorite thrift store and knew nothing about it.  I read the inside cover and I knew that I had to have it.  I took a chance and I’m so glad I did.  Then, I realized that Tamara Ireland Stone is the woman who wrote the buzzed about Every Last Word.  Now, I’m ever MORE excited to read that.

This book is swoon-worthy.  I loved the premise and the writing.  There was hardly anything that I didn’t like.  I loved the relationship between Anna & David.  It was kinda perfect.   They were the perfect balance of one another.  It was awesome to see how they fit together.  David can take Anna places that she’s always wanted to go and Anna stabilizes him.  *swoon*

“That, Anna, is a backpack.”
“Yes, I can see that, thank you.  What’s it for?”
“It’s for you.”
“What’s in it?”
“Well, you have the lunch.  And the shoes.  And the harnesses.  I have the rest of the equipment.”
“The equipment.”
“Ropes, carabiners–”
“You’ve brought me all the way out here to kill me and bury me?”

The only thing I didn’t understand was how Anna’s best friend, Emma, was British and going to school in the States.  I understand it happens, but they didn’t give a reason for it. It was just excepted as normal but I do not live in Evanston, IL.  I don’t know if it’s normal for people to move to that area just to go to school there.  I wish there was more information about them two. She’s her best friend but they don’t have that much interaction with each other.  But other than that, I don’t really know if I have anything else bad to say.  Not that’s it was even “bad” just confusing and a tiny bit lacking.

Overall, I enjoyed it.  It was fun, romantic, and lovely.  It asked questions about morality and answered them thoughtfully.  I would for sure read the sequel, Time After Time, that continues where Anna and Bennett left off.  From what I understand, it’s written from Bennett’s point of view. Swoon.

Tamara Ireland Stone is a author to watch.


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