Disney Princess Book Tag

I was tagged to do this by the lovely Kayla at Caught Between the Pages, my IRL friend from Disney! Thanks so much! Of course, I knew I had to do this because of my not-so-subtle love of all things Disney. So, here goes! It took a little while to choose which books for which princess but I think I figured it out.

Snow White: Name Your Favorite Classic


When I read this in school, I fell in love with it.  We got to read along and listen to it on tape. It was the best audio version of a book/play that I’ve listened to before.  Double double toil and trouble… 

Cinderella: Name a Book That Kept You Reading Past Midnight


When I read these books, I couldn’t put them down.  Any series I love will keep me up late.

Aurora: Name Your Favorite Classic Romance


 I read this in 9th grade.  I chose to read it for a research project instead of a classic poem.  Which in hindsight I should have chosen, but my knowledge of poetry was very limited when I was 14.  In any case, I’ve read this about 5 times.  I’m in desperate need for a reread sometimes soon.

Ariel: Name a Book that’s About Sacrifices and Fighting for Your Dreams
Feyre always sacrificed her time and comforts for her family in order to take care of them.  Then she even goes with a Beast to save them.  It turns out to be not so bad for Feyre until she has to fight for Tamlin, the beast she has come to love.

Belle: A Book with a Smart, Independent Female Character

Celaena Sardothien is a kick-ass, strong, independent main character. My hero.

Jasmine: A Book Whose Character Challenges the Social Conventions of Their World
This is a slight stretch.  But the main character is challenging the social conventions of her American world when she decides to let Scotland transform her into a better person.

Pocahontas: A Book Whose Ending Was a Roller Coaster of Emotions
Oh goodness, do I need to read the sequel to this pronto.

Mulan: A Book Featuring War or Battles


Tiana: A Book Featuring a Hardworking, Self-made Character


Cinder, funny enough.  She’s had to work as a mechanic and everything she becomes is despite her stepmom’s actions against her.

Rapunzel: A Book Featuring an Artist


I was racking my brain for another option, but this is the last book I’ve read that has an artist in it as far as I can remember.

Merida:  A Book with a Mother-daughter Relationship


I adored this book.  It was laugh out loud funny and about a daughter trying to find her mom when she decides to leave one day.

I am terrible at tagging people in these things as you know because I never want to impose on them.  But here you go, guys! Enjoy! And if you weren’t tagged (like the majority of you) then feel free to accept this open invitation! This is fun and made me think so tag yourself!

Viper & Plum
Belle of the Library 


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