White Cat (The Curse Workers #1)

6087756Rating: 4.5 Stars 
Published: May 2010
Genre: Young Adult // Fantasy
Favorite Quote:

“Memory is slippery.  It bends to our understanding of the world, twists to accommodate our prejudices.  It is unreliable.”

Cassel is not your typical high school student. He comes from a family of curse workers but he’s an abnormality. His mom’s in jail and his brothers work for a crime family.  But when Cassel starts to question his dreams and his memory, it might just get him into trouble. To give you a glimpse into the story is a better idea than to just talk about it.  “Don’t be too sympathetic.  Here’s the essential truth about me: I killed a girl when I was fourteen.  Her name was Lila, she was my best friend, and I loved her.  I killed her anyway.  There’s a lot of the murder that seems like a blur, but my brothers found me standing over her body with blood on my hands and a weird smile tugging at my mouth.  What I remember most is the feeling I had looking down at Lila- the giddy glee of having gotten away with something.”

I read this so fast that I almost forgot to write a review for it. Seriously. I loved it.  It’s dark. It’s gritty. It’s funny.  What more could you want?

“I fall asleep in the back of the debate team meeting.  I wake up in the middle of a debate about whether or not to wake me.”

This is a pretty wild ride and while I flew through this book in two days, I’m not really sure what to say about it.  It involves mobsters, a crazy dysfunctional family, and a cat (who may or may not be really a cat). There’s a lot of action and you’ll be glued to your seat as you read to end of the novel.

Though, the “cons” that Cassel pulls aren’t all entirely cons. I think a lot of it is manipulation of a situation.  I don’t consider myself a con artist yet I know I’ve schemed to do things like that on a smaller and less risky scale. Cassel kind of reminds me of Neil from White Collar but on an entirely different scale.

I liked his friends and the idea of curse work.  It’s different and captivating.  I love that it’s something unique that I haven’t read a million times over. I also love flawed characters.  And I don’t think I’ve read a character so flawed as Cassel when it’s not even his fault.

I can’t wait to read the next one, Red Glove.  You bet your ass I’ll be getting it from the library the next chance I get.


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