The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest (Medieval Fairy Tale Romance #1)

Thank you Net Galley and Thomas Nelson for a copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review.


Rating: 1.5 Stars
Published: May 12 2015
Genre: Christian Fiction // Historical Fiction // YA

Odette is a merchant’s niece by day (and teacher for the poor children) and an archer by night.  She hunts in the Margrave’s forest to provide deer meat for the poor families. When the forester, Jorgen, discovers there’s a poacher, he vows to hunt him down.  The unexpected happens, the forester and Odette meet and are drawn to each other.  Will the forester be able to find the poacher & seller of illegal deer meat? What happens if he discovers it’s the girl he’s falling in love with? Will Odette be saved by her faith in God?

Look at this gorgeous cover! It’s so pretty!!! (That’s probably the best thing I have to say about this book.) They’re calling this Swan Lake meets Robin Hood but I don’t entirely think that’s an accurate description.

Compelling enough and well-written(ish) but it didn’t draw me back to the story when I put it down. I liked the characters but wasn’t IN LOVE with them. I thought the story was decent enough at first. But then I got annoyed because the plot was incredibly transparent. I’m not sure if I’d read any more from this author because when I first requested it from Net Galley I wasn’t aware that it was shelved under “Christian Fiction.” The God overtones weren’t TOO strong, but they were strong enough to bug me a bit, especially towards the end.

I have to say, I wrote that last paragraph before I finished the novel.  I now mostly take it back.  It wasn’t well- written. It may have seemed that way at first, but I now disagree with that statement.  The dialogue was simple and quite frankly, boring.  The writing felt so jilted at times, I couldn’t help but rewrite the scene in my head! After 60% of the book, I was pretty much done with it. But I wanted to know if things would be tied up like I thought. And I was pretty much on point except for a few “surprises”.

I couldn’t tell what the time period (or setting) was for the story but I just couldn’t believe that the only thing there was to read was religious material. I understand it was prominent in that period (whichever it was) but it wasn’t the ONLY thing.

There wasn’t anything inherently special about this book.  I wish I would have liked it more than I did- the description was so promising.

Towards the end, I just wanted to finish it.  I didn’t care anymore.  It was so ridiculous and the “punishment” of Odette was too neatly wrapped up.

Needless to say, I wasn’t a fan.


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