Gilded Ashes


Rating: 5 Stars
Published: April 2014
Genre: Fairy Tale Retellings / YA / Fantasy
Favorite Quote:

“Speaking the truth is like gulping a mouthful of brandy; it burns on my tongue, but a moment after my body feels warmer, looser, freer.”

A novella set in the Cruel Beauty universe as a Cinderella retelling. Maia is a prisoner in her own home, and not for reasons you might think. Her stepmother is cruel and her stepsisters are foolish.  When the Duke announces he is having a ball in honor of his son & heir, Maia begins bringing letters to him in hopes of gaining favor for her stepsister.  She dreams that they will be married so she can finally have the house to herself, and the ghost of mother who will do anything to protect her.  Her mother rules demons after making a bargain with The Gentle Lord just before she died and whoever hurts Maia will pay the price.  Maia just wants to be left alone so she will be the only one who deals with the demons but she realizes she’s falling in love, which is the last thing she wants to do. Will this Cinderella get her happily ever after? And at what cost?

Thank you, Kimberly @ Come Hither, Books for recommending this novella to me. I had completely forgotten about it, so thanks for reminding me! I devoured this.  I was reading this on my phone during my breaks at work. I couldn’t stop thinking about it!

I loved this twist on this tale. Every character is unexpected to me. It was the perfect length but I also want more of the romance between Anax & Maia.   Can we get a what happens after story, please? This tale had all the classic Cinderella elements (even some Grimm-like qualities!) It was practically perfect in every way.

“I don’t love him.  But I take a treacherous delight in him.”

I love the way Rosamund Hodge writes.  It’s beautiful. It’s haunting.  It’s like discovering, oh, this is how you use words.  Be warned, it is dark but it’s gorgeous. I kept wondering why I didn’t read it a year ago when it came out.

I’m not even sure what else I want to say about this except that if you like retellings and fairytales, etc, you should just pick this up right now.  It’s on Amazon. Go. Do it. Now.  And fall in love with Maia just like I did.

“Love is madness,” I say.  “Doesn’t everyone agree that you’d do anything, endure anything, to be with the ones you love? So either you’re willing to let them use you with any sort of cruelty, so long as they keep you – which makes you a fool – or you’re willing to commit any cruelty, so long as you get to keep them – which makes you a monster.  Either way, it’s madness.”

Meanwhile, I’m just going to sit here and wait for Crimson Bound to come out on May 5th.


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