Cinema Saturday: The Longest Ride

Well, hello everyone, and welcome to Cinema Saturday! I decided that since I always have to read the book before the movie, I should start doing reviews of the movie adaptations! This isn’t something that’s going to happen every week but hopefully they’ll be in conjunction with when the film is in theaters or just released on DVD.


I recently went to see The Longest Ride because I really needed to know if it was better than the book. And I am happy to announce that it was! YAY! As you may recall, if you follow my blog, that I HATED reading the book by Nicholas Sparks. The screen play, however, was not written by him which was a wonderful discovery.

“Love requires sacrifice but it’s worth it.”


The Details
Released (in theaters): April 10th, 2015
Released (on DVD): July 14, 2015
Based On: The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks
Starring: Britt Robertson (Sophia), Scott Eastwood (Luke), Alan Alda (Old Ira), Oona Chaplin (Ruth), and Jack Huston (Young Ira)
My book review
Movie trailer:

Soundtrack Highlights:

  • Wildfire- Seafret
  • Backwoods Company – The Wild Feathers
  • I Feel a Sin Comin’ On – Pistol Annies

This was actually a pretty amazing soundtrack. Some I didn’t like for the movie, but I just like in general. Good work in the music department! Special mention, the songs from the trailer are Work Song by Hozier (who I’ve been obsessed with for a while) and Waiting Game by Banks.


  • I liked how they intertwined Ira + Ruth’s story with Sophia + Luke more.  It made much more sense to have Sophia interacting with Ira than Ira talking to the ghost of his dead wife.  It gave him companionship in his last days and gave Sophia someone to talk to.
  • I don’t like that Sophia and Luke’s mom didn’t have a relationship though.
  • Nor do I like the shortened time frame. I understand that with movies it’s different but they fell in love REAL fast then.
  • I like that Sophia has more agency.  In the film, she actively decides to stay with Luke instead of NY but in the book she just didn’t get an internship anywhere.  I also like how Ira finds out Ruth is dead better in the movie.

Ehhh moments: 

  • I thought the shower scene was a little excessive.  How many times can you show the same shot?
  • I didn’t like how they changed what happened when Ira got back from the war.   I wanted there to be more of a distinct break up.
  • I also don’t like that they just had sex right then.  I liked the moment of them finally deciding (well, Ruth deciding- yay agency) to much better in the book.

Moments I loved: 

  • I loved watching Luke picking Sophia up for their first date.  (Where can I get me a cowboy who brings flowers?) I liked how they started dating in the film much better than how it was portrayed in the book. They took away an unnecessary character in the way of the ex-boyfriend who I just found annoying while reading.
  • I also loved that Sophia read a letter to Ira every day.  I thought it was sweet, if slightly unrealistic because when in the world did she ever go to class?
If you're a bird, I'm a bird? Oh wait...
If you’re a bird, I’m a bird? Oh wait…

Would I recommend the movie?
If you’re a fan of Nicholas Sparks movies, then yes, for sure.  It’s just what you’d expect.  There’s happiness, sadness (I might have shed a tear or two), and all the complicated story lines that come with these Southern romances.  If you think that his movies can be hit or miss, you might want to give this one a shot.  I liked it much better than the book and thought it was interesting to see the parallel lives & stories of Ira + Ruth with Sophia + Luke.

What do you think? Did you like the book or movie better? 


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