Rules of Seduction

Thank you NetGalley and Vook for providing me with a copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review!


Rating: 3 Stars 
Published: April 21 2015
Genre: New Adult // Romance
Favorite Quote: 

“We’re lying to him.  She’s lying to him and I’m lying to him and together we’re lying to him.  We’re just a bunch of lying liars who lie.”

Danika, her friends call her Dani, dreams of being a director.  She packs her bags and leaves home to make it big in Los Angelos.  When she arrives, she finds out the company that she got an internship folded and she’s out of a job.  Luckily, she runs into an old friend from grade school who scores her a job on show her boyfriend’s in.  But since Elise has had relationship issues in the past, she asks Dani to try to seduce Tate in order to prove his fidelity.  Things get awful complicated when Dani finds out she actually wants to be around Tate and that he may not be the asshole he once seemed to be.

The cover makes me want to go to L.A. so bad! California… California… Here I cooooommmmeeeeeeee. Ahem. Anyway.

What strikes me right off the bat is that they were apparently both paid internships that Dani had.  I feel like that’s rare. But I could be wrong. Again, I digress.

Kinda along the same lines as Boomerang by Noelle August.  I’m glad because I loved that book and wanted to read something else about interns in “the biz”.  I really do love reading about interns because I’m at that age and it shows that while things may seem horrible in the moment, there are generally silver linings.  Hope is always a good thing.

The whole idea of the “rules’ was lacking a little for me.  I felt like it was kinda thrown in there and it distracted from the actual story.  I liked the storyline, save for a few details.  I feel like Elise came out of nowhere and the whole Vamp Camp job was a bit convenient.  If Elise was built up a bit more, I’d be okay with it.

Parts of it were completely unrealistic to me and it wasn’t even the falling in love with an actor bit… it was writing a complete short film in one night and not talking about editing it and having it be amazing after a first draft.

What I truly loved about it was Dani’s narration.  She’s funny. And honest.  And completely relatable even if she is put in unlikely situations.  She made me laugh out loud during parts of it.  Despite the ridiculous plot line, it was a fun story.  I really enjoyed reading it.

I loved Tate & Dani.  I think Brit was a light-hearted addition to the story but I wish there was a little bit more of her, she hadn’t fully solidified as a character in my mind.  Which is sad, because she’s a better friend to Dani than Elise is.

For a New Adult book, I was a bit shocked to find that there was no sex.  There was a lot of kissing. But that was about it.  I didn’t miss it per se, I don’t think the book really needed it. But I was expecting it just because of the setting and the age of the characters.


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