Have you seen the live-action Cinderella? No? Well what are you doing reading this post? GO. GO NOW. It’s beautiful. Stunning. Magical. And many other pretty sounding adjectives. I know I’m buying it as soon as it comes out on Blu-Ray.


I’m a little obsessed with fairy tales. The thing I love about them is that they are truly timeless. They will always be relatable in some way shape or form.  Whether we know it or not, they influence current storytelling.  I’ve taken a few classes. I’ve written papers about how Jane Eyre  and Mansfield Park are Cinderella stories.  I love that there are so many different versions of fairy tales /folk tales that were written around the world at the same time.  That means those elements are shared across cultures. How insane and awesome is that?  It’s a part of everyone’s heritage and upbringing whether you realize it or not.  I’ve always connected with them, I feel like they’re a part of me.

Here are my favorite Cinderella retellings:
1. Rodger & Hammerstein’s Cinderella (the musical)
2. Ever After (the Drew Barrymore movie)
3. Just Ella – Margaret Peterson Haddix
4. Ella Enchanted – Gail Carlson Levine

Honorable Mention: Cinderella’s Dress by Shonna Slayton (I thought it was cute).

Retellings that I want to read:

Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles #1) – Marissa Meyer
Princess of the Midnight Ball (Princess #1)– Jessica Day George
Before Midnight – Cameron Dokey

What are your favorite Cinderella retellings? Do you recommend any? Or do you have any other fairy tales you’re obsessed with? My all time favorite is Beauty & the Beast but that’s another post for another day.


8 thoughts on “Cinderella

  1. Just finished Cinder and really enjoyed it. I also liked Rosamund Hodge’s Gilded Ashes. It’s a Cinderella novella in the same world as Cruel Beauty, and the pacing worked perfectly for me. One of those rare novellas where it felt just the right length, instead of rushed or oversimplified.

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