Disappear Home

Thank you Net Galley and Albert Whitman & Company for providing me an eARC in exchange for an honest review.


Rating: Did Not Finish 
Published: March 1 2015
Genre: Young Adult

It’s the 1970s. The age of hippies, drugs, and distrust of the government. Shoshanna, Mara, and their mom, Ella, have just escaped from a hippie commune, Sweet Earth Farm, and try to make a living and new life in California. They ran away from their dad, Adam, who isn’t a good father or person.  Always worrying that their past is going to catch up them, they get lucky and find a friend from their old apartment in San Francisco.  They make a fresh start near the ocean but Ella’s depression is quick to make their lives even more complicated.

I wasn’t digging it.  Ella’s voice sometimes fell flat a lot and while that kinda makes sense with the depression, I still couldn’t get a read on her.  The writing wasn’t fantastic but it wasn’t terrible, either. It definitely showed potential.  Mara was easy to write, I’m sure, since she’s a kid.  But Ella didn’t always stand out from Soshie except for when she was saying, man. Or far out. Or other quintessential hippie things.

I’m not going to lie.  I requested this book solely because of the cover.  It’s GORGEOUS. Absolutely gorgeous. If I could get a print of that cover, I would. But the story? Not so much. It was getting tedious.  There was too much repetition and the dialogue wasn’t realistic.

I only made it 68% before I had to stop reading. I’ve officially decided that life’s too short to read bad books and there are a ton of books that are worth reading out there. I could see a lot of potential in this story but I think it was just gone about in the wrong way. It could have been framed differently or made not as dramatic.  Information about Adam was too slow in revealing itself and I feel like not a ton of stuff happened by the time I finally decided to stop.  I wish I would have liked it better. This would have been a great story, especially since I haven’t read anything that’s set in the 70s.


3 thoughts on “Disappear Home

  1. I know how that goes. It took me years to accept that some books I just couldn’t finish. But there are definitely too many good things out there to read instead of staying stuck on a book that isn’t wroth it.

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