Fearless (Reckless #2)


Rating: 2.5 Stars
Published: November 2014
Genre: New Adult // Romance
Favorite Quote: 

“Time stopped.  Suddenly, I felt I could hear every noise in the room: the blades of the ceiling fan circling through the air.  The street vendors three stories below taking orders.  My own heart beating.”

Fearless by Priscilla West is about my favorite couple, Riley & Jax. They met when Riley became Jax’s tour accountant. Their chemistry was palpable and they couldn’t stay away.  Reckless was left on a cliffhanger.  Riley and Jax were in a dangerous situation attempting to get away.  This installment picks up right where it left off.

I liked that it gave more insight into the relationship between Riley and Jax.  It showed them as more human, complicated, and flawed. It was interesting but it wasn’t what I was expecting.

For those whose were wondering, this doesn’t actually become an official “romance” book until 89% through the novel. It’s more of a new adult romance novel akin to Beautiful Disaster.

When I pick up a book like this, I want it to be steamy. This was not.  If there’s another book in this series, I hope it’s far more exciting than this.


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