Perfect Scoundrels (Heist Society #3)


Rating: 4 Stars
Published: February 2013
Genre: Young Adult
Favorite Quotes:

“Of course,” she said, remembering that the biggest lies you tell are for yourself.

“Don’t be mad at dear, sweet Gabrielle, Kitty,” Angus said, even though Kat was fairly certain that Gabrielle had never been dear or sweet a day in her life. “It’s hard out there for a couple of lads trying to find honest work.”
“Honest?” Kat asked.
“Or honestly dishonest, as the case may be,” Hamish said.

Hale’s grandmother dies unexpectedly and he was bestowed with the family fortune must to the dismay of the rest of the Hale family. Kat was commissioned by Hazel Hale’s best friend, Marianne, to find what they think is the real will. They believe Hazel would have never left Marianne out of the will even if she was “the help”. Can Kat go against Hale and find the real will, if there even is one?

Ally Carter has done it again. I love this series and I’m looking forward to Untitled #4, even if it doesn’t have a release date yet. I just want more Katerina and her awesome family.  I also really want to know W.W. Hale the Fifth’s FULL NAME. Come on Ally, don’t you think it’s about time?

The book opens with a recounting of 2 years ago when Kat broke in to Hale’s family home to steal a Monet.   It’s their infamous first meeting and needless to say, it’s perfect.  The rest of the novel was the same great fast paced and funny story I have come to expect from Ally Carter.  I can’t wait to start her other series.  Seriously, though, this writing. It has been laughing out loud at points.

He cut a grin at Kat when he saw the impressed look on her face.
“Corporate espionage is my second great passion.”
“With your first being…” Kat prompted.
“Gelato,” Hale said, and turned back to the group.

I loved the fact that book Kat & Hale’s families were heavily involved in the story.  It showed that Hale isn’t just some rich kid with no responsibilities.  It makes him a fuller character to see all the people he interacts with on a daily basis when not with Kat & the crew.  It shows him have more emotions than just the care-free billionaire.  I enjoyed seeing more into his world.  I just wish, like Kat, that we got to know Hazel better before she died.  She would have been an awesome character to add to the books.  Couple Hale’s background with the fact that Kat never really involves her extended family in heists, it makes sense that she’d need to do so in this book. This book, at its core, is a lot about family.  So it’s great that we finally get to see how the whole family works together. Though, I would have liked to have read more about them.

“Kat had learned from a very young age never to be surprised by what she found in Uncle Eddie’s kitchen.  She’d seen it filled with exotic birds and black-market doctors treating dog bites, and at least once she’d walked in on Uncle Felix slipping into a dress and cursing the lack of women in their family.”

I really want to know the story behind Uncle Felix dressing in drag.  I’m sure that’s a hoot. (Yes, I did just say that.) I would love to read about Kat growing up in the business. More anecdotes about his family would be awesome.  There’s so much we don’t know about these characters.  I just excited that Ally Carter isn’t done with this series.

If you like this series, you can’t go wrong with Perfect Scoundrels.  I’m so happy that the quality of the storylines aren’t going downhill like a lot of series that I’ve read this year.  So many YA series have a great hook, a great first novel, but then it just progressive gets worse and worse. So far, I think the Heist Society Series is just getting better. And I really hope that trend continues. Eagerly awaiting Untitled #4…


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