Uncommon Criminals (Heist Society #2)


Rating: 4 Stars
Published: June 2011
Genre: Young Adult
Favorite Quote:

“Every decent con man knows that the simplest truth is more powerful than even the most elaborate lie.”

Join Katarina Bishop and the gang for another adventure around the world. This time, they’re stealing the forbidden: the Cleopatra Emerald. The gem that her Uncle Eddie couldn’t steal and says for Kat not to go after. But Kat has been on a mission lately to steal and give priceless art & artifacts back to their rightful owners.  But will this time take her too far?

I’ve read some other reviews that say that these are good books for young YA readers because the chapters are short, the plot is simple, and the romance is shall we say, subtle (among other reasons).  And while I agree, that I would give this to a 12 year old, I don’t believe it’s exclusively for young readers.

I wish I could have their lives. Not the stealing part. The traveling around the world & staying in expensive hotels part. I love escaping for a few hours into their lives and their crazy adventures. I like how real it seems even though I know it’s a ridiculous premise.

This book shows Kat as a flawed heroine. It was great seeing her make a huge mistake then pick up the pieces. It made her more human. I really liked seeing Kat as a strong flawed heroine.  I do sometimes wish the romance with Hale would pick up a little bit but at the same time, it isn’t necessary to the plot.  This book isn’t solely about Kat & Hale. There are many other characters, there’s thieving to do, and I’m okay with the romance being on the back burner.  It’s actually refreshing to read.  So many YA books these days are solely about romance with a little plot thrown in to make things exciting.  And while I devour those books, I don’t want to read them constantly.

This installment made me like the series even more. It was fast paced and exciting.  I loved the story behind the emerald and this Visily Romani keeps getting more intriguing. If you liked the first one, there’s no reason you shouldn’t like this one as well.


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