Forbidden Surrender (Surrender #1)

This week on NetGalley Friday, we have one part of the Forever series by Priscilla West. Thank you NetGalley and Priscilla West for providing me a copy in exchange for an honest review.

18277024Rating: 3.5 Stars
Published: August 2013
Genre: New Adult // Romance
Favorite Quote:

“You’re Romeo and I’m Juliet. If we get together, bad things will happen.”

The Forever series follows three couples and the different sets can be read in any order. Surrender follows Kristen & Vincent through their wild ride of a romance.  Kristen hasn’t been in a relationship in a few years and is content just focusing on her career.  When she and her boss fly to South Africa to pitch to a potential client, Kristen meets Vincent.  He’s the CEO of the company and the man that Kristen needs to convince to sign with them. Enter the meet-cute. Kristen learns Vincent can be very persistent and won’t stop until they’re together (and she has no objections).

It’s so short! Considering it’s a trilogy, all three should have been one book. Or maybe just two. By the time I really got into the story, it had ended.

I liked Kristen and Vincent. It very much reminded me of Fifty Shades but without the BDSM. I really didn’t like all the dominance that Vincent had.  It wasn’t overt but it was enough that made me question if Kristen thought for herself at all.

I enjoyed Kristen and Riley’s (her roommate’s) relationship.  I think that could have been explored a little more but I know that wasn’t the focus of the book, clearly. But through telling Riley about her escapades could be a way to learn about Vincent & Kristen’s relationship through bonding with her roommate.

I read Reckless by Priscilla West first. It was my first book of hers. I loved it. Normally when I read romance novels I’m bothered by the language they use to describe body parts. But I don’t remember being annoyed in that book. In this, however, Kristen describes feelings in her “sex”. I HATE that terminology.

And of course, par of the course for romance novels, some of the lines and come-ons were either cliche or completely unrealistic. Also, where are all these young gorgeous billionaires (not celebrities) that I keep reading about and how do I by chance interact with them and have them fall in love with me? Because really.

It was sexy and fun to read. Even though I thought it was too short, I liked that it was a quick read. I will for sure be reading the other two!

Over all, I think it was a solid attempt. This was a bit of a let down after Reckless but it’s also kinda of a good thing because it means that she’s getting better in her writing. That means only more good things lie ahead.

After reading all the books in the Surrender series, I have to tell you, be prepared to read all them in one setting.  Since they’re all so short, you’re better off reading them as one.


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