Untraceable (The Nature of Grace #1)

Welcome back to Net Galley Fridays!  Thanks NetGalley and All Night Reads for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.


Rating: 3 Stars
Genre: Young Adult // Thriller
Published: November 2011
Favorite Quote: 

“I’ve never been afraid of much, except maybe boys, dresses, and poison ivy.”

Grace and her dad were close.  When her dad disappears in the forest one day, Grace doesn’t give up the search.  The Sheriff’s department is close to calling his death, presumably dead by drowning in the rive but Grace isn’t willing to give up that easily.   She continues to search the Smokey Mountains for any side of her father and gets herself into trouble doing just that.

I couldn’t get into this at first. But then after Grace was attacked in the forest, things started to get interesting. Especially after she meets Mo.

(Edit:) Nope, I lied. Still can’t get into it.  I just can’t with this book. Grace keeps doing stupid things alone in the woods.  For having a lot of survival skills, she just doesn’t have a lot of common sense.

Okay, so, I finally did finish this book but it was a struggle.  I couldn’t help but roll my eyes a lot.  The writing wasn’t bad but I just kept getting frustrated at Grace.  Mo was a bit dodgy but I liked their budding romance. It did get better at the end but at the same time I didn’t entirely like it.  There was so much violence.  It was strange, definitely not what I expected.  A bit unrealistic. The whole situation really didn’t seem believable. It was very Hollywood.

I’m intrigued enough that I’ll check out the sequel. If that’s not much better than this one I don’t know if I’ll continue to the third one or not.  Uncontrollable is the sequel… look out for the review in the new year!  I guess there’s a short story a #1.5, if you will, called Unspeakable.


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