Bridge of Snow (The Winner’s Trilogy #0.5)

I have begun writing tiny reviews for short stories. The reviews come with mini stars and contain much less words than normal reviews. I hope you enjoy my tiny reviews!

20345368Rating:  5 (mini) stars
Published: January 28th, 2014
Genre: Young Adult // Historical Fiction

“In those days, the gods walked among us. The goatherd knew her for what she was. How could he not? She was silver haired. Clear ice eyes. Faintly blue lips. The air around her seemed to chime. It was the god of snow.”

If you’re interested in reading The Winner’s Curse, I suggest you read this afterwards. It has a slight spoiler in terms of who one of the character’s really is.  It’s doesn’t entirely matter – but if you want to read without any thoughts clouding your experience, I wouldn’t recommend reading this first. If you don’t care, then it doesn’t matter.

The short story is mostly a folk tale told as a bedtime story to Arin. It’s about the gods, specifically about the god of snow and god of the moon. I’ve always loved folk tales and this had some brilliant imagery.

I adored this.  It brings insight into the character of Arin.  It was wonderful seeing a glimpse into his family life before the war.  This quick read will have you wanting more.

I really hope there are more short stories for this trilogy. They add so much more depth to the novels.

You can read Bridge of Snow, here.


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