One Wish Away

NetGalley Friday here!

Thanks to Bloomsbury USA Children’s Books and NetGalley for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review.

23221022Rating: 2 Stars
Published: November 2014
Genre: Young Adult // Sci fi

Lyra is smart. She comes from a highly intelligent family. When she realizes one day that a star, in the constellation she was named after, disappears; she’s determined to find out why. What started as an innocent mission into a government facility, leads to her finding out a huge state secret. To save herself, she has to become an intern at SEAD, the company that her aunt is the director of and her dad is the head scientist.  Lyra discovers her father has been working on some top secret project The Cricket Project that has the power to change the world as they know it.  Things with her best friend, Darren, are changing, too. Can Lyra keep it all together while staying true to herself and doing the right thing?

Well, I finished it. But I really didn’t want to. I just couldn’t with this book. At first, I was excited about it because it mentioned astronomy in the beginning.  I’m currently taking an intro level astronomy class and I get inspired for many stories while listening to lectures.

This is not what I thought it would be.

I didn’t think I would read this until the end but it was short, so I powered through. I think parts of it were intriguing but I’m also interested in parallel universes and the author’s combo of astronomy & parallel universes was just so wrongly handled. If you’re interested in either of those subjects or have a working knowledge of them, I guarantee  that you’ll get frustrated by the book.

The characters aren’t fully fleshed out.  We’re not actually given that much information about Darren, and considering that him and Lyra have been friends forever, that seems a bit odd. Their budding romance is kinda cute but incredibly awkward.  Especially because Lyra describes her feelings as an infection at first.

The novel just kinda ends. It seems like it’s ending on a cliffhanger in hopes of a sequel but I don’t really see where it could go.  It just feels incomplete.

If you’re looking for a little fluff piece that ends in completely unnecessary violence, please read this.  If not, stay far far away.

I know I’m not very harsh, usually. And I honestly feel like shit about saying all of this but I just couldn’t deal with this book.  One thing I can say is that I do like the cover. I think it’s cute.



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