The Paranormalcy Trilogy

On a whim, I checked out the Paranormalcy Trilogy from my library.  Let’s just say I’m glad I got them all at once. Paranormalcy (Paranormalcy, #1)The main character, Evie, is what drew me to these books. We share the same name!  It’s evident from page one that Evie takes no shit and is a strong heroine who just happens to like the color pink.

  • Rating:  4.25 Stars
  • Published: August 2010
  • Genre: Young Adult// Fantasy// Paranormal

Favorite Quotes: 

She was a professional sigher- the woman conveyed more emotion with a single exhalation than most people do with their entire faces.

If he wanted to kill me, he already would have.  I brought him all these sharp pencils, ideal for stabbing, and he’s been a perfect gentlemen.

Paranormalcy by Kiersten White is a fast paced paranormal fantasy romance.  The main character, Evie, has a faerie ex-boyfriend that’s causing trouble. Bad things are happening to the agency that Evie works for. There’s a change coming that no one is prepared for. Evie meets Lend, a paranormal, and things get even more complicated. Where they figure out there’s a threat that’s killing paranormals that’s somehow connected to Evie, shit hits the fan.

This book was unique.  Evie is a Buffy type character except she doesn’t kill the paranormals. She bag & tags them. She even has her own taser, named Tasey. It’s pink. With rhinestones. You wish you had one.

I loved the writing, it was sharp and witty.  I think it was funny how Kiersten explained away the fact that Evie doesn’t swear.  She kept it accessible for readers who are adverse to swearing while allowing those who do to replace the words in their head. I thought it was an interesting take on it.

I loved the descriptions of the paranormals. They were more haunting than others I have read.  Her ability is unique, which leads to an interesting storyline.  I liked that there wasn’t just 3 different types of paranormals. It’s clear that Kiersten thought through the world she was writing in.

I really just want to be Evie’s friend. She’s witty and interesting. She’s addicted to TV shows just like I am. She’s a kickass heroine but loves the color pink and loves fashion. She rocks. She doesn’t let other people boss her around, she does her own thing even when she has a lot of pressure to be with others.

I could not wait to pick up the second book after I was finished with the first.

Supernaturally (Paranormalcy, #2)

  • Rating:  3.5 Stars
  • Published: July 2011

Favorite Quotes:  

“Wow, melodramatic much? You vampires always take yourselves so seriously.” His eyes bugged out in surprise. “Yeah, I know you’re a creature of the night.  Bringer of death, sucker of blood, needer of tans, so on and so forth.  And oddly enough, I’m still unimpressed.”

“She stared at him in that vapid, intoxicated way employed only by women under a vamp’s control.  Or the way I sometimes got when faced with cupcakes.
Mmm. Cupcakes.”

“Sometimes I want to take a memory- one perfect memory- curl up in it, and go to sleep.”

Not much actually happened in Supernaturally.  At lot of it was just the lead up to next one but that was okay.  It was nice getting to know Evie and Lend a little bit better.  It felt more like a contemporary romance than an action-packed paranormal book and I was okay with that.  The writing was spot-on.  There were so many moments that were written perfectly.  It made it easier to relate to Evie because she was faced with a lot of normal people problems. Like waiting to hear back from colleges… it’s the worst. Or anything really, just waiting to find out if you’re good enough for your top choice college, or an internship, or just a part-time job is one of the worst nerve-racking experiences.

 “Say what you will about zombies and their hygiene issues, at least they kill you fast.  College acceptance boards? They like to draw out the torture as long as possible.”

When I studied abroad in Europe, I felt exactly like Evie did when she first saw Sweden.

“…we entered the outskirts of a city that was far too beautiful and charming to be mistaken for anywhere in America.  The buildings were red brick and wood, with a classical feel that made the cars parked out on cobblestone street look ridiculously out of place.  I half expected a horse-drawn cart to come prancing down the street, followed by villagers in braids, singing and dancing.  Or maybe I watched too many musicals.”

I say not much happened here because the climax and the “big bad” of the story wasn’t all that exciting. It was interesting getting to know Jack and seeing how he came between Evie and Lend but he wasn’t THAT interesting of a character.  He changed Evie, in a way, but ultimately, he didn’t succeed in his plans for The Empty One.  This book was more about Evie discovering who she is, who she wants to be, and where she came from.  She works through problems that she has with her agency, herself, the faeries, and her boyfriend. It makes her a more dynamic character and totally relatable. I was laughing at loud at some points because things she was saying or thinking are things that I’ve thought. Like the completely irrational moment when one little thing happens and for a split second you can see your life tumbling out of control.

“I was dead. I was so so dead. I was going to be expelled and then I’d never get into Georgetown, and I’d work at the diner for the rest of my life and Lend would marry the dryad lab assistant and they’d have half-tree-and-one-quarter-water-thing babies, and no one would know quiet what they were, but they’d be beautiful.  And I’d serve them French fries when they came home to visit.”

And onto the last one!

  • Rating: Endlessly (Paranormalcy, #3) 2.5 Stars
  • Published: 2012
    Favorite Quotes:

“You stink like a faerie, all flowers and sunshine and evil manipulation.”

“Sometimes it takes a little chaos for things to work themselves out.  When we make it through the chaos, we can use it to shape the world around us into something better than it was before.”

Evie is faced with a decision. A decision that the paranormals has slowly been forcing her hand to make. But that makes Evie not want to make the right decision, she sick of people manipulating her for their own gain. Will Evie do what’s right? Or will she stick to making decisions for herself?

I wasn’t really that interested in this installment.  I’m always happen to read about Evie and Lend but there’s just something about Evie’s stubbornness in this book that I really just can’t stand. I don’t know what was finally getting to me but I just didn’t get along with this book. There were things that happened that I liked but I found that whenever I put the book down, it was a struggle to pick it back up again.  This really disappointed me because I absolutely LOVED the first one.

I still like the characters, I just wasn’t thrilled with the plot.

Overall, Kiersten White will be an author that I keep on my radar from now on.


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